Reduce Transmix with Rapid Sulfur Monitoring

Many different types and grades of petroleum products travel through pipelines in batches. At the interface between batches, some mixing occurs which results in transmix generation and product downgrading. Transmix is the portion of the of pipeline flow that is diverted to a separate tank to avoid contamination between two dissimilar product batches. In this application note, you will learn:

  • Background: By automating the cuts between batches, optimization is possible, making cost savings of millions of dollars per year achievable.
  • Methodology: A Sindie® On-Line was set-up to monitor sulfur levels every 10 seconds during a change from Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel to Jet Fuel with a sulfur level of about 1,400 ppm.
  • Conclusion: Because the Sindie On-Line is able to update sulfur concentration in just seconds, rapid feedback can be provided for optimized batch cuts and transmix reduction.

Learn How to Reduce Transmix!

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